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Hi, I've responded at Talk:Jim Morrison and Talk:The Doors. :-) Koyaanis Qatsi 17:33 6 Jun 2003 (UTC)

The incident was Miami, not Melbourne, and 1969, not 1970. A friend looked it up in the Times for me. :-/ I'll admit that I reverted it without checking, primarily because of the rest of the edit, which struck me as POV. I'll find some things to add about the rest of the band to give a more balanced perspective. Of course you're right that the article shouldn't be entirely about Jim Morrison. Let's try to work together on it. Koyaanis Qatsi 07:56 8 Jun 2003 (UTC)
Again, your edit removed more information than it added. It is not an improvement. Koyaanis Qatsi 08:03 8 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Hello. In the future, please check the edit history before blindly restoring an old version. Thank you. -- Notheruser 08:04 8 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Actually, I was referring to an edit [1] that wiped out some formatting and the correction of some factual errors. As for the 'appropriate' location for messages, most use talk pages (as opposed to user pages) for corresponding (however some don't). Anyway, let me know if you have any more questions on my talk page or you can check out the help files. Regards. -- Notheruser 10:44 8 Jun 2003 (UTC)